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Auditions: Other Desert Cities & A Great Wilderness

April 28th, 2017

Players Club of Swarthmore will be holding auditions Wednesday, May 31st at 7:00pm for the Main Stage production of Other Desert Cities & the Second Stage production of A Great Wilderness.

Audition Date: Wednesday, May 31st at 7:00 PM
Callbacks (by invitation only) for Other Desert Cities will be Saturday morning June 3rd.
Callbacks (by invitation only) for A Great Wilderness will be Sunday evening June 11th.
All actors should prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary dramatic (or darkly comic) monologue.
Please Email tommybobby@gmail.com for an appointment! Walk-ins will be seen only as time permits! When setting up your appointment, please email if you prefer to be considered for one show or both.
Please download and complete the PCS audition form from the Auditions Page.
Directors Thomas-Robert Irvin (Other Desert Cities) and Anthony SanFilippo (A Great Wilderness) seek the following:

Lyman Wyeth: ( 60’s): Kind and gentle patriarch. A Hollywood B actor with some celebrity and charm who turned that into political influence. He is conservative but with a sense of humor about himself and a deep love for his family. “He is sturdy in the way of old Californians of a particular type.” (Baitz)
Polly Wyeth: (Late 50’s to early 60’s) Lyman’s wife. Graceful and acerbic matriarch. She has been active for decades in the Republican Party. She is deeply devoted to the preservation of her social standing, her family and the health of her husband. “Elegant and forthright and whip-smart.” (Baitz)
Brooke Wyeth: (Mid 30’s) Lyman and Polly’s adult daughter. She is a professional writer who has been living in New York after a mental breakdown. Her tortured relationship with her family has centered on her opposing Liberal political views. “An attractive and dry woman.” (Baitz)
Trip Wyeth: (Late 20’s to mid 30’s) Brooke’s brother. Witty and self-effacing. He is a TV producer for reality TV – in a family obsessed with his intellectual, older sister’s mental health. He assumes the role of second banana with grace. “A bright, funny man.” (Baitz)
Silda Grauman: (mid 60’s to early 70’s) Polly’s sister. Creative, fragile, and funny. A former B movie writer, and the Bohemian, polar opposite of her sister. She is fresh out of rehab and repays the support of the conservative Wyeths by joining Brooke in some liberal needling of her parents. “A mess. No makeup, hair disheveled. She wears a muumuu and carries a pill case marked with the days of the week.” (Baitz)


Walt: (late 60s-early 70s) The director of a Conversion Camp in the Idaho wilderness who is packing up to retire in a senior living community when he reluctantly agrees to take on one more camper.
Daniel: (16) A gay teen who comes to Walt’s camp at the wishes of his conservative parents. (PLEASE NOTE: Only actors aged 16 or older should audition for this role. If older, you must be convincing as a high school student both in acting and appearance).
Abby: (early-mid 60s) Walt’s ex-wife who helped Walt start the camp 30 years ago following a personal tragedy. She and her second husband are coming to the camp to help Walt pack it up and to try to convince Walt to sell it.
Tim: (early-mid 60s) Abby’s husband who has spent much of the past decade helping Walt as a camp counsellor and who is obsessed with the “good work” Walt is doing.
Eunice: (late 30s-mid 40s) Daniel’s mother who is in an unhappy marriage and wishes her son was “normal.” Arrives to find her son is missing and slowly falls apart emotionally. Supporting role but definitely a challenging one that has an incredible impact on world of the play and the audience ensconced in it.
Janet: (40s-50s) The park ranger and the comic relief of the play. Confident. Unfazed by anything. Very good at taking control of a situation. Many people feel she is ultimately the only likeable character in the play. Maybe because she is so grounded and sane.

Please note: PCS is an all-volunteer organization, all roles are unpaid.

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