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Auditions: The Member of the Wedding

November 21st, 2017

Players Club of Swarthmore will be holding auditions Monday, November 27th at 7 p.m. for the Main Stage production of The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers, with performances on the Main Stage from March 16 to March 31, 2018.

Director George Mulford seeks adults and children for the following roles. Racial identity is central to the time and place—the American South at the time of the Second World War. Ages are those specified by McCullers; as always on stage, if you can play it you are it.
Please contact the director, George Mulford, at mulford@udel.edu with questions.
Please download and complete the PCS audition form from the Auditions Page

Berenice Sadie Brown, 45, African-American, the cook for the Addams family. While we mostly see her minding and mothering Frankie (a tough job that involves equal parts of scolding and reassuring), it’s clear that she has a life outside her job: she has had four husbands and currently has a gentleman caller, and she has a younger brother she’s worried about (with reason).
Frankie Addams, 12 years old. “She is a dreamy, restless girl, and periods of energetic activity alternate with a rapt attention to her inward world of fantasy. She is thin and awkward and very much aware of being too tall.” Think Ann of Green Gables on amphetamines.
John Henry West, Frankie’s cousin, 7 years old. A delicate, active boy who lives next door and hangs around Frankie when she will tolerate him—that is, nearly all the time.
The above three characters are on stage for essentially the entire show.
Mr. Addams, Frankie’s father, 45, a widower and set in his ways, with “an old-fashioned look and manner.” While we mostly see him trying to cope with his daughter, he also gets to display a casual racism that will make today’s audiences open their eyes wide.
T. T. Williams, Berenice’s suitor, 50, African-American. “Large and pompous…dressed like a church deacon…over-polite.”
Honey Camden Brown, Berenices’s brother, 20. “There is about him an odd mixture of hostility and playfulness.” He has been to Harlem, plays a mean trumpet, and is ready to explode from the frustrations of small-town life and racial subjection.
Mrs. West, John Henry’s mother, 33. Brisk and energetic.
Jarvis, Frankie’s brother, 21, in Army uniform. It couldn’t hurt for Jarvis to be handsome.
Janice, 18-19, Jarvis’s fiancée, “pretty and fresh” and intent on making a good impression.
Helen Fletcher and Doris, a year or two older than Frankie, members of a “club” Frankie would love to be part of.
Sis Laura, 90’s, African-American, peddles vegetables from her garden. A tiny part but a vivid appearance.
Barney McKean, 13, in f0otball suit and cleats, the sortof boyfriend of Frankie’s new sortof best friend in the final scene.

Please note: PCS is an all-volunteer organization, all roles are unpaid.

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