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Auditions: Trevor

August 1st, 2017

Players Club of Swarthmore will be holding auditions Tuesday, September 12, 2017 starting at 7:00pm for the Second Stage production of Trevor.

Audition Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2017, starting at 7 PM. Contact director, Leigh Jacobs at ldjldj@gmail.com for an appointment.
Call Backs: Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Performance Dates: Friday, January 26 – Saturday, February 3 (2 PM on Sunday, January 28 and includes a performance on Thursday, February 1)
Rehearsal Dates: Read through, Monday, October 23. Then mainly Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays in December and January.
Audition Requirements:

  • Please contact director, Leigh Jacobs, ldjldj@gmail.com for an appointment.
  • Please provide a resume & headshot (If you do not have a headshot, a photo will be taken of you at the audition).
  • Please prepare a two-minute monologue of a dramatic or darkly comedic work.
  • Please download and complete the PCS audition form from the Auditions Page.

Any questions, please contact director, Leigh Jacobs, ldjldj@gmail.com.
Synopsis: Inspired by a real story and written by Nick Jones (Orange is the New Black), a chimpanzee named Trevor once starred in an infomercial with Morgan Fairchild. Now, he lives alone with Sandra, a middle-aged widow, but he dreams of a showbiz comeback. Sandra knows Trevor would never hurt anybody, but next-door neighbor, Ashley, is concerned.
Roles: All roles are open

TREVOR – M20’s-40’s. Described by the playwright as “a 200 pound, 11-year-old chimpanzee.” The character is dressed in overalls and a tee shirt, not in fake fur or a chimp costume. The character speaks in English and only occasionally reverts to gibberish. Actor playing Trevor will need to behave physically like an adult chimp.
SANDRA MORRIS – F50-60. Trevor’s “mom.”
ASHLEY – F30’s. The next-door neighbor and mother of a baby.
JIM – M40-60. The county sheriff.
OLIVER – M20’s-40’s. Another chimp. Known to be successful. Often well dressed.
PRODUCTION ASSISTANT / JERRY – M20’s-40’s. Non-White. Playwright notes that “doubling serves to illustrate how these characters are interchangeable in Trevor’s mind.” Production Assistant refers to an assistant on a TV show. Jerry is the animal control officer dispatched to evaluate Trevor.
MORGAN FAIRCHILD – F50’s. Yes, that Morgan Fairchild. Blonde. Star power. Likes to laugh.

Please note: PCS is an all-volunteer organization, all roles are unpaid.

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